Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Still life, late 90's

In the late '90's, I threw myself humbly into still life painting, working toward that clarity of color and light, and straightforwardness of technique, that I'd learned to admire so much in the early Impressionists. The Cezanne retrospective in Philadelphia helped, too.

The above is from 1998, oil, about 24x30in.

Pink, 1997, oil on canvas, 16x11in.

White Irises, 2000, oil, 36x26in.

Skull with Lemons, 1997, oil, 18x20in.

Tulips in a coffee can, 1996, oil, 24x20.

Blue Hydrangeas, 1997, oil, 14x11in. Private collection, Mexico.

Big pinks, 2000, oil, 30x30in.

Walnuts, eggplants, flower, 1997, oil, 18x20in.

African daisies, 2000, oil, 36x26in.

White flowers, 1997, oil, 20x18in.

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