Monday, June 1, 2009

first trip to citi field for a game

We went on Saturday, and I knew the Marlins were throwing their ace, Josh Johnson, who absolutely owns the Mets, but I was a little disappointed about our lineup, which featured only Carlos Beltran in terms of marquee players. Admittedly, the Mets are hurting so bad lately, there aren't many marquee players even available on any given day [I really miss watching Jose play], and so after an extra-inning night game, the glaring sit-outs were David Wright and Gary Sheffield - and Luis Castillo, to a lesser extent. But another plus was getting to see young Fernando Martinez play, and he got a lot of chances in right field, and swung the bat pretty well, too. And remembered to run, and run hard, to first.

Still, it was a beautiful day for a ballgame. We sat in a Promenade level box, in the left field corner. We got our free tote bags, and we got there early enough that our wait in the Shake Shack line was only about fifteen minutes. My god, those are good burgers. Looking forward to trying Blue Smoke next time. It took longer to wait in line for my son to get his turn at the wiffle ball field.

Our seats were good. I guess they would be called 'obstructed view' because the left field corner is below the sight line. Some idiot fans nearby, but what you gonna do. At least they weren't nasty. For most of the game it was this older loudmouthed dope in front of us, and then when they left in the eighth [wasn't much of a ball game, but it being our first game we weren't going anywhere], there were these younger loudmouthed dopes sitting behind us. It felt like they were shouting right in our ears, and talking like Tim McCarver acolytes. Later they moved and I noticed they were wearing flipflops. I've said it before -- don't wear flipflops to a baseball game.

Bad game, but enjoyable day. And my son, as usual, fell asleep on my lap on the 7 train. Maybe I'll post some of the photos he took later in the week.

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