Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I Like Jazz

This is an old 45 EP from my parents' house.  I remember being fascinated by this cover as a kid.  I recently saw it and snapped a pic when I was in Toledo. 

Monday, August 8, 2011

Road Trip

Just back from a terrific weeklong road trip to the midwest with my son, the last week of a three week vacation.  Spent the first week in the studio, the second with my girlfriend, and the last driving out to Ohia with my son via rte 80.  Spent a couple days in Toledo and a few more at a lakeErieside cottage in Vermilion, courtesy of my sister.  Took my son to Cedar Point for the first time ever, which was my first visit in at least 20 years.  We loved the Iron Dragon and the Gemini. And Cedar Downs. He got plenty of quality cousin time both with Wii and on the beach, and we also visited the always fantastic Toledo Zoo.  Just a great time all week.  Driving rte 80 always makes me think of my father as I made the drive with him a few times to go get one of my brothers in college out east, and one time we made the drive I had only just gotten my learner's permit and he was teaching me a few rules of the road, especially in regards to all those trucks you have to deal with on that route.  Thanks to my family and especially my mom and sister for a great, great trip.  And to my son, who is a great traveler.