Wednesday, July 18, 2012


I'll be taking part in The Brooklyn Museum's  GO, along with 1860 other Brooklyn artists.  It looks like it will be kinda cool.  Basically, it's two days of borough-wide open studios.  Huge. 

Here's my GO page

They're looking for volunteers and voters, so go to the site and look around if you think you might be interested.  I'm not always crazy about opening my studio to the public as it's kind of disruptive and never life changing in a good (or bad) way, but this seemed like something special since it's so damn big, and I thought I'd kick myself somewhere down the line if I didn't give it a try.  So if you do decide to pitch in, I look forward to seeing you in September. 

Here's another Go Go picture to go along with the theme:

Go Go (2003), pastel, 14x15in.