Wednesday, July 1, 2009

sunshine on the floor of a child's bedroom

I don't often blog like this, but I really like this almanac entry, at Terry Teachout's weblog.

I had to look up Mauriac, a French poet and Nobel winner. I ain't no poet, but I do identify with the impulse he describes. I guess it aligns pretty neatly with the reasons I paint. It's nice when something hits you like that.

Probably also it hits home for me because I'm a father, so I'm remembering childhood sensations through the example of my son, and also because I've been considering older work and it's link to the impulses behind the current work.

So, thanks to the busy and good Mr. Teachout.

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thomas stolperer said...

That's why I enjoyed Proust's 'In search of lost time' so much. Every action, thought, description, concept, etc, in the novel is stuffed full & spilling over w/ observations like this one -- & over the course of 7 volumes, their level of accuracy & thoroughness rarely lets up. It actually becomes work to read it (for a non lit person like me anyway), but it's worth it.