Monday, November 30, 2009


Had a nice big fat holiday weekend. Went to the parade, got home in plenty of time to stuff and roast a big ol' turkey. Next day after my run, my wife and son came to the studio to help print this year's holiday cards [which I will post once they're all in the mail], then a nice party down the hall that evening. Saturday was karate class for my son, a birthday party in the neighborhood for a sweet little three year-old in our building, then a terrific fifteenth anniversay dinner for the little lady and me, at Melt, a place I love, and more importantly a place with no kids' menu. I had a braised lambshank with truffled grits and my goodness gracious sakes alive it was good. And we had champagne, of course. Sunday I had another nice run and workout in Prospect Park, then a little studio time, and got home in time to start some turkey soup. And then we had our first dinner of leftovers: stuffing, turkey, butternut squash, green beans and spinach. And the last of my wife's incredible--incredible-- pumpkin freaking pie, with a graham cracker crust, no less. Like I said, a nice big fat ol' holiday weekend.

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