Thursday, November 5, 2009


At least the 2009 season is over. I was watching up till the seventh inning stretch last night, but went to bed after I realized how disheartening it was to be watching a Joba Chamberlain v. Shane Victorino matchup. Those two hot dogs.

Some consolation in knowing lil' Vicky made the last out. I guess.

And another thing: just you wait till next year.


In more positive news, a great Halloween weekend. Party in our building on Friday, a full day of scary stuff to do on Saturday, mostly in Prospect Park, with Boo at the Zoo and its Haunted Barn, and the Audobon Center. Then that evening, trick or treating and the parade in Park Slope. This ex-Ohia boy was impressed with the big city trick or treating. And my son, of course, had a blast.

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