Thursday, May 24, 2012

A few things

I keep getting talked to on the subway by Game of Thrones fans who notice I'm reading the second book.

The Mets are fun to watch this year. 

Had an open studio earlier this month.  Good times.  Another good thing about the new studio and the studio mates.  Neglected to take pictures, but I'll have some shots of the new space up one of these days.

Hoping to take my son to see the terracotta warriors exhibit soon.  Some other stuff in town looks good.

But money's still tight, so it means I have to pick and choose with museums, art supplies, books, underwear, etc. 

Summer Fridays at my job.  

Passport renewal is tricky. 

Watched part of Larry Crowne the other day, and it really perplexed me -- was it supposed to be so bad?

Re-watched The Great McGinty later that weekend and it really made me laugh. 

Bought my son a bike for his birthday, and we are having fun tooling around Prospect Park.  I love Prospect Park. Governor's Island opens this weekend, too.  And he should be tall enough to ride the Cyclone this year. 

The latest thing that makes me laugh every time I see it -- the Carmel car service commercial on local TV. 


Helge said...

Passport renewal is tricky. - That's so true!

How do you like the second Game of Thrones book?

Patrick Jewell said...

Loving the second GoT book....