Thursday, May 31, 2012

Discovery Times Square

Took my son to see the Terracotta Warriors exhibit on Memorial Day.  We loved it.  I still remember the first time I heard of the first Chinese emperor's terracotta army -- from an article in National Geographic back when I was a kid. 

Also on view was an exhibit about spying and espionage.  We loved that, too -- very interactive, including a room full of crisscrossed, changing, green security lasers that you have to navigate through in twenty seconds.  No crowd, so my son must have tried it about ten times.  I tried twice.  Some other great interactive stuff, and lots of amazing spy artifacts, especially from WWII and the Cold War.  Turns out you can put a camera in just about anything, from a glue stick to a robot dragonfly. Fascinating stuff, and highly recommended.  Tix are a bit pricy, but well worth the splurge.

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