Wednesday, May 20, 2009

open studio as part of atlantic avenue artwalk

I will be having an open studio for this year's Atlantic Avenue ArtWalk. More info to come, as they get their maps and website together. The basics: June 6 and 7. My studio will be open from 1-6pm both days. 320 Dean Street, betw third and fourth aves.

I've never been part of ArtWalk, but this year my landlord approached me about it, which makes these things a lot easier, when you have landlord approval. I have mixed feelings about open studios. Whenever I took part in Dumbofest when I had a studio down there, they always ended up feeling like more trouble than they are worth. But another good thing about taking part in this year's ArtWalk is that it's a nice follow up to the show at LIU. So stay tuned, sportsrockers, for more info as the date approaches.

I remember an open studio I held in dumbo once. This greasy little dude came in, looked at the walls, said grimly, "You know Gerhard Richter's work?" I said, "Yeah, since I've recently started using photographs as sources, I've been looking at his work, as well as Malcolm Morley, Eric Fischl, some other painters like that." He scowled at me, one hand on his chin, grunted, and walked out.

THAT is one reason I have mixed feelings about open studios. Selfish little twerp.

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