Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Ohio, or alternate reality?

Nice visit to Toledo last week. Lots of good stuff. Family, of course. Nieces, nephews, ballgames. Saw Star Trek, and liked it. Great bbq from Cleveland, courtesy of my oldest brother. A couple visits to the zoo, where one of my nieces works. I grew up in Toledo, so it's always got those great memories, but it feels different and like home all at once, now that I've spent eighteen years in Brooklyn, longer than I've lived anywhere at one stretch, so that I can kind of see an alternate reality there, a road I could've taken and am not really sure why or how I didn't, except that I love New York too much. Whoa, that last sentence makes me dizzy.

My son gets the biggest kicks out of his cousins and uncles and aunts and grandma. He absolutely idolizes the youngest of the Toledo cousins, who's thirteen. At one point he says to me he wishes we could live there, but we'd have to go back and get the cat and the fishes. And I say we'd have to get our own house, but he doesn't see why we couldn't just live in his grandma's house.

Anyway, it was great to see everybody, and we're trying to figure out if we can get back some time sooner than December.

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