Monday, April 13, 2009

Opening night

New Mets ballpark is official tonight, Mets hosting San Diego, Pelfrey throwing. He'll probably be a little overpumped and may have to settle in a little bit. Metsies are 3-3 coming off this road trip. Most encouraging signs so far: good pitching from Maine and Hernandez. I am enjoying sitting back for the long haul of the season and I am not particularly worried about any facet of the game. Not even Oliver Perez, who will probably not be a much different pitcher than the Jekyll/Hyde Ollie we've known since late '06. Not about RISP numbers; that will come around. And I'm certainly not worried about David Wright, and am sick of these manufactured issues about his hitting.

We'll see our first game in Queens in late May against the hated Marlins.

So let's go Mets!

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