Monday, April 6, 2009

big weekend

My son had a great birthday party on Saturday, at the Cosmic Cove on Atlantic near Smith. Carmelo the Science Fellow is terrific, and so are his assistants. He brought out a blue-tongued skink, a snake, some gerbils, and a bearded dragon lizard, and more importantly, he kept more than twenty four and five year-olds rapt...and in stitches. Perfect combination of silly and science.

We were given tickets to go to the Mets' workout at Citifield on Sunday, and although we ran a little late, we caught some batting practice and walked around enough to get a good feel for the new park. The concourse is as great as advertised, open to the field, lined with concessions and big bathrooms, and the center field area is great too, with all of Danny Meyer's properties, and the new Fan Fest area, picnic tables, and the bridge. We didn't have time to go up higher and check out the seats that we'll be able to afford, but we go to our first game on May 30th, and we'll be sitting in the Promenade. The Jackie Robinson Rotunda is a powerful tribute to that brave man and his legacy. The whole place just feels grand and intimate all at once, and although I have great affection for Shea, I am happy to see this park in Queens, and can't wait till it's rocking with Frankie on the mound in the ninth.

Which brings us to Opening Day today in Cincinnati, where the forecast is for snow, and Johan is on the hill. Let's go Mets!


Thomas said...

So that WASN'T Danny Gokey or Robert Downey Jr. at Jack's birthday party?!

Patrick Jewell said...

nope. it was endy chavez.