Monday, March 23, 2009

Some new stuff and works in progress

Man with mirror, oil on panel, 20x24in.

Woman, man, woman, oil on panel, 20x24in.

Burlesque, oil on panel, 20x24in.

Sidewalk, oil on canvas, 22x28in.

Frightened woman, oil on panel, 20x24in.

Magic act, oil on canvas, 36x60in.

Woman talking to a man in a car, oil on panel, 24x20in.

Sad woman, oil on canvas, 18x18in.

Walking woman, oil on panel, 20x24in.
It was a good week in the studio. This is a sample of the works I started, most of which I will continue to work on in the coming months. And I'll post some other, smaller, recent work soon, too. Otherwise, you can see more here.

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lisa rivera said...

Nice job...I see you had a productive week. I really like "Sad Woman".