Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy birthday to me

Recently celebrated a birthday. I have entered what I'll refer to as my "Tom Seaver" year.

Some news for the New Year:

We had a great trip to Ohio for the holidays. Some highlights to come.

I have a little show coming up at LIU that will run from January 20 to the end of February. It will be small to easel sized, monochromatic, b movie paintings, mounted in the Resnick gallery showcases.

Our son starts kindergarten in the fall.

Saw a bunch of old old friends in Toledo. High school football teammates, whom I've missed more than I realized. Highlights of that to come, too. A resolution would be to keep in better touch with the old gang.

Got a flip camera for Christmas, very cool. And a few more volumes of Looney Tunes on dvd. also cool.

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