Thursday, December 11, 2008

Some action

Nice to see Omar and co. working hard at the winter meetings. Especially when it improves the bullpen.

Welcome, Frankie and J.J.

It was time for Aaron to go. Fan faves Joe Smith and Endy are also gone, but that's the nature of the game, and we wish them well. [Have I ever mentioned that I was in the house for The Catch?]


Thomas said...

En-dy Cha-vez...Gone? Say it ani't so, Bro. Will the acquisition of Joe Smith lead to further Tribe bullpen meltdowns? Hey, at least we've got Kerry Wood, it looks like...

Patrick Jewell said...

Tell me about it, endywise. He will forever be a part of met lore and calls and footage of the catch will be perennial. Good luck to him, and if he ever visits Queens, he will get a standing ovation.

You'll like joe smith. he's an ohia boy, and a solid bullpen guy. He was fun because he was the naive kid in the big city, learning the ins and outs, getting his car towed for parking in a 'no-standing' zone. 'I wasn't standing, I was parking.' if i remember the story right.