Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Holiday card, 1999

Tree, cut paper.

Yes, I hand-cut all the cards we sent out that year. But it sounds like more work than it was. I did it as we went, watching tv, and they were pretty easy cuts and folds, almost all straight lines. I had some other designs that I may use some year when I feel like playing with scissors again, but they were all a little more complicated, so we'll see. I did like the elegance of it and the whiteness.

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Thomas said...

Packo, we just got your card today. It's lovely! Flannery likes it too (Mom, too -- she got hers also). Now, is this Grandma Jewell? There's an old, old picture of her when she was a young girl. I'm thinking you MUST have seen it. Oh yes, the pictures are nice too. Please tell Brooks never apologize for sending US too many pictures!!!