Thursday, February 27, 2014

TBT? why not.

Throwback Thursday, that is. Which is a thing nowadays. Some old work, all oil on canvas unless otherwise noted.

An undergrad work. Hero and Lion (1989) oil on mansonite, 48in square.

 My best painting from grad school. Porch (1992), 60x42in.

House (1995), 20x24in. Private collection, Colorado.

Tulips (1995), 24x20in. Private collection, Ohio.

Skull with lemons (1997), 18x20in. Private collection, Brooklyn, NY.

Driveway (1997-9), 66x78in.

Red skirt 1 and 2 (2000), each 36x36in. Due to moving into a studio with no natural light, this was the first of a series of photo based work that continues today.

Swimming pool (2000), 36x26in.

Backseat (2001), oil on paper, 15x22in. From series of paintings based on my own street photos. 

Ohio turnpike (2002), 40x48in.

Go Go (2003), 54x60in.

These last two are among the first in the limited palette, b-movie series, started in 2005 or so. Each is 16x18in. Magician (top) and Ventriloquist. The latter is in a private collection in Brooklyn, NY.

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