Thursday, August 9, 2012

On using acrylics

2011, acrylic polymer paint on paper, @ 10x12in.

Looking at these again, I realize something I like about acrylics, which is a medium I've never been entirely comfortable with.  But right now, that discomfort is a good thing.  It gives something to push against, clogs up my facility as a painter and draftsman.  I like the clottiness of these two little paintings, which comes of the quickness with which the medium dries.  It's not as sensual and quick as oil painting, not as fluid and greasy.  I love oils most of all, but maybe I'm finally figuring out better what acrylics can give me.  They make me slow down, they bog down my hand a bit.  The plasticness (as in cheap toys, not malleability) of the medium needs to be guarded against, but a limited palette helps that (less chance that the colors go candy tinted).  All in all, i like the crusty, clotted sootiness of these two little things. 

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