Thursday, September 1, 2011

Artist's model and man on couch, 2011, oil on paper, 14.5x17.5


Lina-Paola said...

Hey there Patrick! I've been following your blog for quite a while now, and I just really gotta say that I like your style, especially when i comes to figures. I mean they are somewhat muted, but you can definitely see what's going on in the composition. I also like the fact that you are also sticking with muted colors as well; blues and greys and blacks. So keep 'em comin'!

Patrick Jewell said...

Hi Lina, I know you've been following here, and I really appreciate it, and your comments! Thanks so much. I see you're busy on your blog, too. Keep it up! You've definitely got me curious about trying walnut ink! My color scheme has a lot to do with the subjects I'm using -- old black and white movies -- but you can see a broader palette on my website or my picasa albums, linked on the right of the blog.
Thanks again, and keep in touch!