Thursday, January 7, 2010

a few random new year thoughts

Jason Bay is a Met. Maybe, just maybe, it's time to allow myself to get excited about a new baseball season.
Also, Andre Dawson elected to the Hall of Fame: this makes sense to me. On a purely gut level, as a guy I watched on TV as a kid, I've always thought the Hawk belonged in the Hall.
Great trip to Toledo. My son had a blast with the cousins and his grandma. Had a nice birthday dinner out with family. Met my oldest newphew's fiancee's family. Saw the Zoo lights. Caught a couple movies, both entertaining and fun, but nothing great: It's Complicated and Sherlock Holmes. And met my sister's nice new bf, too. A really great visit.
That's right, a birthday. Have entered what I'll call my Jackie Robinson year. That means I'm 42.
That's another iPhone photo up there. Our Mr. Met Christmas ornament.
Toledo's great to visit, but it's always even greater to be back in NYC.

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