Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Haunted Baseball Season

That never ends.

I know it's completely and utterly irrational to think that the entire 2009 season has been designed and inflicted by the Baseball Gods as one long, excruciating, festering and gaping maw of an open wound in the soul of every New York Metropolitans fan, but COME ON!!! The Yankees and the Phillies??? Two teams it's impossible for Met fans to root for??? And now it's dividing Met fans as passionately as any issue in this godforsaken season??? Shane Victorino or Derek Jeter??? The little league helmet vs. Captain Smirk??? Shoot me now, shoot me now.

So. Yes. I know it's completely and utterly irrational, but so is being a *&)%$#-ing Mets fan.

A *&%$#!@ pox on both yer #*%!!$ houses, ya @!#%-ing *%#$!s....

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