Monday, August 25, 2008

Free t-shirt, dyna met dash, bullpen meltdown

Our fourth trip to Shea yesterday, accompanied by some Aussie friends. Our first game in the mezzanine this year, where the shade is plentiful and the breeze is nice. Fun to watch Ollie Perez work, and very nice to see Beltran stroke a couple homers--from the right side, no less, where he has lacked a bit in the power department this year.

Nice free tee shirts, as it says in the title, commemorating the final year at Shea. And since it's been a while since I've been in the house for a full-fledged bullpen meltdown, I guess I was due for one. Heilman was atrocious, I think he threw about four pitches. A gang of three or four others including Schoeneweiss, Ayala and Smith helped the game go into ten innings, but Feliciano failed in spectacular fashion with two no doubt solo home runs to two Astros who hit home runs about once every leap year. Other bullpen meltdowns I've been in the house for: game 7 in 2006 [which I don't have to provide any details for], and a Sunday against the Braves, late September of 2001 - one of the most emotionally draining experiences I've ever had. Armando, of course, was a key melterdowner in that one, and Brian Jordan of the unholy Braves was the Met Killer.

Well, the best thing about yesterday was brilliant weather for the Dyna Met Dash, and my son and his Aussie pal were more than up for the sprint around the infield. My son was so focussed on a need for speed that he didn't even break stride to greet Mr. Met at second base. From the moment we stepped through the center field fence and onto the warning track, he seemed to be gathering his strength, trying out his game face, summoning all his power. And he was fast, easily beating me to home plate where a helpful member of the Mets staff helped corral him for me. I really can't say enough about how much fun this event is and how well it's all handled. They don't let you linger, understandably, since they probably move about 10,000 people through there [at least that's what I heard one field crew member say], but they are extremely nice and generous about it. And, like my son, all business. He was all smiles on the way out, and took his customary nap on the 2 train back to Brooklyn.

The Jewell family is officially 2-2 at Shea this year, and we have at least one more game in our calendar, and a chance to finish with a winning record.

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