Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Spring Lake, New Jersey

all 2003, oil on canvas, 22x28in.

Down the shore, everything's all right. My wife and I went to Spring Lake back in 2003, the summer before our son was born, and we're all going back this year--our big little summer trip. I'm not sure I'll get any painting done this time, maybe some watercolors, but most of the time I'll be playing in the sand and surf, I'm sure. Last time, we had the latest Harry Potter to read, this time I think I'll be taking a book about Hollywood by Garson Kanin [started reading it in the doctor's office yesterday and am hooked], Jhumpa Lahiri short stories, maybe some Graham Greene. I know there's a lot of books sitting around work, home, and studio that I want to read. I really don't finish much reading I start lately, but we'll see. I read a lot more books when I rode the subway regularly. And of course we will be reading some Dr. Seuss, Richard Scarry, Mo Willems, etc.


Feener said...

beautiful. i live a bit north of spring lake, but love it down there.

Patrick Jewell said...

Thanks. we had a great trip, and my son is already asking to go back!