Thursday, March 6, 2008


Gorilla with woman (2007), oil on canvas, 54x60in.

Injuries are a part of the game. Yeah, we all know that. But it's getting a little ridiculous down in Port St. Lucie. I'm not worried yet. Who was counting on Alou to stay healthy anyway, and I think Beltran will be ready. But at this rate, Mr. Met himself will be on crutches soon.

Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass
I got priced out of DUMBO in 2003, after ten years of renting studio spaces down there. Old codger voice: when I first moved in, there were packs of feral dogs roaming the streets. That's really not an exaggeration. I missed DUMBO when I first left, and sometimes I'm a little jealous when i see all the cool shops and bars and restaurants down there now, but mostly I've come to terms with leaving. I have a private, cozy [read: very small] space in downtown Brooklyn with great light that's closer to home, close to my son's day care, and close to my job. I don't mind reading in today's NY Times that Walentas gives a lot of great arts organizations down there [St. Ann's, DAC, Smack Mellon] breaks on their rent. But it's a little annoying to hear about some guy who lives in Arkansas and rents a 1,400 square foot studio space in DUMBO. Yeah well, cry a river, right? The important thing is getting the Mets healthy.

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